Every day we offer a variety of freshly made 6" and 8" cakes available for pickup. Give us a call to find out which scrumptious flavors we have on hand. 

Flavors include: Cannoli, Carrot, Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Mousse (Gluten Free option available), Chocolate Raspberry, Flourless Chocolate Cake, Lemon Coconut, Lemon Mousse, Mocha, Oreo, Raspberry Buttercream, Red Velvet, Shadow, Strawberry Mousse, Tiramisu


Create your own perfect cake by mixing and matching our various flavors of filling, cake, and icing. Check out our flavors page to find out more.

Please note, some flavor combinations are only available in 8" and up and may be limited to ingredient availability.

Cake Serving Sizes

6" (5-6 people)

8" (10-12)

10" (18-20)

12" (35-40)

14" (55-60

1/2 Sheet (35-40)

3/4 Sheet (70-80)

Full Sheet (90-100)