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Connecticut's Finest Pastry

Voted "Best Bakery in Fairfield County", "Best Chocolate Mousse" and "Best Sarah Bernhardts"

Birthday & Graduation Cakes

Unique custom cakes for birthdays, graduations, business events, special recognition, holidays...

Wedding & Anniversary Cakes

Select or create a theme: Roses, lillys, floral, patterned, never before seen creative...

Breakfast Pastries, Catering

Cinnamon rolls, pecan rings, danish, honey buns, croissants, fruit turnovers, cheese horns, muffins, scones....

Custom, 3-D & Tiered Cakes

How elaborate do you want to get? Custom design, 3-dimensional or multi-tiered?

Desert Pastries

Layered pastries, carrot cakes, eclairs, cannolis, brownies, mocha, mousse, rum balls, tarts...

Quiche and Pot Pies

Ham Quiche, Bacon Quiche, Spinach Quiche, Mushroom Quiche...

Cookies & Cupcakes

Cookies: Lindzer, Chocolate Chip, Gluten-Free, Elephant Ears... Cupcakes: All flavors, unlimited themes...

Desert Cakes

Layered Cakes, Chocolate Fudge, Mocha, Raspberry Rolls, Carrot Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Tira Misu...

Pies & Tarts

Apple Pies, Cherry, Blueberry, Pumpkin, Fruit Tarts, Boston Cream Pie...

Holiday Pastries

Special pastries for Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Mother's and Father's Day, 4th of July, St. Patrick's Day...

Request a Pastry (203) 869-2818

Because our products are works of art highly customized to your individual need, please describe the creation you'd like and we'll quickly turn it into an order!

Family Owned and Operated

We began as employees, and then years ago bought the business, continuing and growing the Greenwich CT. St. Moritz Bakery legendary excellence.

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Connecticut's Premier Bakery Since 1939
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Contact Us Now: (203) 869-2818

St. Moritz Bakery
383 Greenwich Ave.
Greenwich, CT 06830 



Monday-Saturday 7-5:30
We deliver 8:00am – Closing

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From the North, South off of I-95

Take I-95 Exit 3; preceed East on Arch St (if coming from the South, you'll cross under I-95, if from the North, turn right.); Turn right on Railroad Ave (after crossing under the tracks), Cross Greenwich Ave (it's a one-way street) and turn left on Mason St.; Make a left one block later at the traffic circle; Turn left again on Greenwich Ave.; St. Moritz Bakery will be on the left. Metered parking on Greenwich Ave. accepts quarters only.

From the West off of Putnam Ave (Post Rd., Rt 1)

Turn West off of Putnam Ave. St. Moritz Bakery will be on the left on the last block of Greenwich Ave before crossing under I-95. Metered parking on Greenwich Ave. accepts quarters only.

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